Attorney at Law

Lynn Perry is one of the top trademark lawyers in the U.S. She has practiced trademark and copyright law since 1981, initially serving as in-house trademark counsel for MasterCard International. Lynn was most recently the head of the Trademark Group of the national law firm of Thelen Reid & Priest. For 13 years, she was a partner with the intellectual property law firm of Townsend and Townsend and Crew. She has been an adjunct professor at UC Hastings College of the Law, and at University of San Francisco School of Law, and was on the editorial board of the Trademark Reporter for over 20 years. She was a member of the Executive Committee of the Intellectual Property Section of the California State Bar as well as a member of the Governing Committee of the ABA Forum on Franchising, among many other similar responsibilities. She is a frequent speaker and author on subjects in the intellectual property law area, has been named a Northern California Super Lawyer, and is listed in several Who's Who publications.

Lynn has the ability to communicate complex legal concepts in plain English, and she has a record of success in protecting clients' trademarks and copyrights. Lynn manages major multinational trademark portfolios and helps clients to identify, evaluate and protect important trademark and copyright properties. She responsively delivers top expertise, strategic planning and practical advice at reasonable  prices.

Lynn's clients' industries cover a wide spectrum, including retail stores, medical devices, food products, wine, publications, agriculture, technology, apparel, life sciences, and financial services, among many others. Her clients range from individuals and start-ups to large public companies. She has developed a network of top trademark and copyright experts from around the country and around the world who assist her in protecting client's interests here and abroad. She also speaks conversational Spanish and French.

Lynn's practice consists of in-depth trademark availability and infringement analyses, intellectual property audits, advising clients on practical ways to enhance protection of their IP rights, searching and clearing proposed trademarks, obtaining U.S. and foreign trademark registrations, copyright infringement analysis and registration, domain name disputes, and intellectual property licensing and litigation, including trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.



Amanda Laura Nye has over 30 years experience practicing domestic and international trademark law, and in helping her clients acquire, protect and maintain their brands worldwide. She has extensive experience in trademark and brand counseling, opinion and advice work. This experience includes helping her clients in the clearance, procurement and maintenance of foreign and domestic trademarks. Ms. Nye also advises on, manages and supervises global search and filing programs, licensing and distribution programs, as well as co-existence and settlement agreements.

Ms. Nye’s expertise extends to advising her clients in matters of trademark infringement, whether it is trademark infringement of the client’s trademark or in advising the client on how not to run afoul of the trademark rights of others. She is skilled in the preparation of cease and desist letters and in settlement negotiation. Ms. Nye is also well-versed in the take-down procedures of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and advises on related issues. Her expertise includes advising on how best to integrate global trademark protection and branding strategies with business goals. This integration helps to create and maintain strong brands, well-recognized and protectable in the jurisdictions of interest and to strengthen the client’s business overall. She works with each client individually to help them develop and implement such trademark and branding strategies in a way that is meaningful to that client’s business.

She is experienced as well in trademark portfolio advice, management and due diligence in business transaction settings such as acquisitions and divestitures.

Ms. Nye has built a long-standing and wide-ranging network of foreign associates who work with her to implement globally her client’s strategic goals and to assist Ms. Nye in the protection of each client’s intellectual property rights. This ensures a globally consistent approach to each client’s trademark portfolio – whether the portfolio is one trademark or one hundred trademarks.

Ms. Nye began her career as an Examining Attorney in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), where she practiced for three years. Following the USPTO, Ms. Nye entered private practice. She spent over twenty years in private practice, including practicing with one of the premier IP boutique firms in New York City and the premier southeastern full service international law firm in Atlanta. In 2007 she started her own practice.

She has counseled and managed the brands and trademark portfolios of multi-national companies, venture capital companies, start-up companies and individuals in a wide range of fields including pharmaceuticals, entertainment, toys, footwear and clothing, cosmetics and beauty products, food and beverages, and online educational services.


Trademarks Administrator

Kirsten Rea has over 20 years' experience in Business Management and Administration. Her background includes work with corporate organizations, small and large non-profits, government agencies and privately owned companies. She has overseen many areas of business operations including customer service, managerial, financial and technical functions. Kirsten has assisted a variety of organizations in managing and responding to significant growth in their businesses by developing and monitoring budgets, forecasting staffing needs, creating and maintaining databases, tracking systems and registration and scheduling systems. Because of her extensive background in business, Kirsten is a cost-conscious advocate for our clients' interests.

Kirsten's work with clients and attorneys at Perry IP Group involves drafting trademark applications and other United States Patent and Trademark Office documents; interfacing with foreign associates for international applications and registrations; overseeing completion of legalization and Apostille documentation for Powers of Attorney for foreign applications; monitoring and reporting on the progress of national and international applications throughout the registration and maintenance process; preparing client trademark status reports; reviewing watch notices; drafting trademark assignment documents; and providing general administrative support for dispute matters. Additionally, Kirsten oversees the day-to-day operations of Perry IP's business.